the main secret of 74-year-old Rotaru has been revealed

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The celebrity denies that she fell under the surgeon’s knife.

Sofia Rotaru delights fans with her appearance: at 74, she looks at least 20 years younger. At the same time, the actress, unlike many colleagues in the shop, does not give the impression of a victim of beauty injections. On the contrary, it boasts a natural charm.

But still envious people talked about the fact that the singer uses a silicone mask, which she wears on her face like a second skin. Allegedly, this is why Rotar manages to hide wrinkles. The star did not comment on this information, but the singer Valeria did it for her, who suggested that such conversations are nothing more than a fabrication.

Sofia Mikhailovna previously admitted that she owes her appearance to her parents. The singer also denied rumors that she fell under the surgeon’s knife. Interestingly, plastic surgery specialists are also lost in speculation as to whether the star sought the help of their colleagues.

Meanwhile, the main secret of Rotaru’s beauty was revealed on the YouTube show “One minute». It turned out that the actress, who understands that she should not grow old by status, does not forget about a good rest and does not overload herself with work. This is what helps her look great.

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