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Cover: frame from the movie “Fantastic Creatures: Secrets of Dumbledore”

Nicholas Cage plays Nicholas Cage; Albus Dumbledore’s team challenges the main villain-wizard; Sol Goodman returns to your screens for the last time. Kanobu has compiled a list of the most important and interesting releases of April 2022, which can be viewed offline and on streaming platforms.


In March-April, cinemas are holding a large-scale re-release of films that have already been released in Russia in previous years. The full list – from “Brother” Balabanov to “Movement up” – can be found in special material “Kanobu”.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore

In the world rental from April 6

The Fantastic Creatures triquel is one of Warner Bros. ‘s most long-suffering releases. First the studio fired Johnny Depp as Gellert Green de Wald amid the scandal with his ex-wife Amber Heard; however, he was quickly replaced by Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen.

At the same time, activists continue to condemn Joan Rowling because of transphobic remarks, although this did not stop the writer to appear at the premiere of “The Secret of Dumbledore.” But the premiere was not Ezra Miller (Credence Barbone), who was the day before arrested in Hawaii for hooliganism and assault on a married couple. How the film will show itself after such reputational blows remains to be seen; in Russia it will not come out due to the suspension of foreign distributors.

The film will continue the story of the talented magician Newt Salamander (Eddie Redman). After the events of the last film, the powerful dark wizard Gellert Green de Wald (Mads Mikkelsen) is gaining followers and wants to start a war with the Muggles. Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law), a former friend and colleague, is trying to stop him.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once”

Rental is postponed due to the situation in Ukraine

Friends-directors from the USA Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert are better known as the creative duo “Daniela”. And Daniel knows a lot about science fiction as well as strange, absurd, but funny movies. In 2016, their “Swiss Army Man” about the adventures of a man on an uninhabited island in the company of a dead body won the prize for directing at “Sundance”. Kwan also shot one episode of the superhero series “Legion”. one of the best in its genre.

The film tells the story of Evelyn performed by one of the greatest Asian actresses Michelle Yeo (“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, “Creeping Tiger, Hiding Dragon”). Quite by chance, Evelyn gets the opportunity to get into parallel universes, to be different versions of herself and gain a variety of skills: from acting to martial arts to divine power. But the multiverse is threatened by a mysterious entity that only a real heroine can deal with.

The Northman

In the world rental from April 8

A new project by Lighthouse director Robert Eggers is a Scandinavian epic for two and a half hours. At Eggers wereincredible plans like the use of ancient languages, but, according to the director himself, then he would not have been allocated funding. But the picture already looks original, very much in the spirit of his horror “The Witch”: with mystique, a cold picture, naturalistically smeared in the mud actors and Icelandic singer Bjork in the role of a witch.

“Varyag” will tell about the young prince Amlet (Alexander Skarsgård), who witnessed his father’s death as a child. The prince grew up far from his native land and now dreams of returning to punish the criminal – his own uncle Fölnir (Klas Bang).


In the Russian rental from April 14

Director Yevgeny Grigoriev is better known for his documentaries, such as Pro Rock, in which the young music groups Cosmic LATTE, Sam Joe and the Chekist Town make their way to fame. His film “Handmade” about Russian artisans was nominated for best documentary at the Moscow International Film Festival 2020.

Comedian Pavel Derevyanko received the Best Male Role Award at the Kinotavr Festival for his role in “Podelniki”. And the main role in it was played by Yura Borisov, who became a hero of Russian cinema in 2021.

Biathlete Petya (Borisov) returns to his native village with his young wife Nastya (Lisa Yankovskaya). Along the way, Petya, Nastya and all the passengers of the intercity bus witness the murder, but no one punishes the criminal. The victim’s ten-year-old son Ilya (Yaroslav Mogilnikov) dreams of avenging his father’s killer. To save the boy, Petya offers him a pact: Ilya will take revenge until the biathlete teaches him to shoot accurately.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

In the Russian rental from April 21

Nicholas Cage has long moved from the category of celebrities to the category of modern Internet legends. His every action becomes meme: from the famous frame from the movie “Kiss of the Vampire” in 1988 to visit to Kazakhstan in 2017. At the same time, the actor is often joked about for many roles in low-budget films. But judging by interview Cage, his motivation for so many projects is rather sad: he spends about $ 20,000 a month not to put his mother with schizophrenia in a psychiatric hospital, and pays off the huge debts of his late father.

In “The Unbearable Gravity of Great Talent,” Cage plays American actor Nicholas Cage, the star of “Steal in 60 Seconds,” “Rocks” and “Faceless.” According to the plot of the film, Hollywood is tired of Cage, but he needs to make a living somehow. Therefore, the actor agrees to come to the party of his millionaire fan Xavi Gutierrez (Pedro Pascal) for a large fee. When the evening goes wrong, Cage has to transform into his most famous characters to save guests, family and himself from an angry drug lord.

TV series

“Slow Horses”, part 1

Available from April 1 on Apple TV +

The new Bond will probably have to wait a few more years, but there are other spy stories to replace. The director of the fantasy series “Merlin” James House undertook for the film adaptation of the novel “Slow Horses” by British writer Mike Herron. The first six episodes will be based on the first book, and the next – on the sequel “Dead Lions”. Apple did not specify whether it will be two separate seasons or two parts of one story.

In the center of the plot of “Slow Horses” – a department of spies-losers, each of whom was fined at work and simply not suitable for operational work due to age. After being disgraced on a training mission, River Cartwright’s agent (Jack Lowden) enters the department. But he will soon have a chance to solve an incredibly difficult case under the leadership of ex-spy Jackson Lamb (Oscar winner Gary Oldman).

Better Call Saul, Season 6

Available from April 19 on Netflix

One of the best serial spin-offs of today according to the version of “Kanobu” ends in 2022. Behind five very uneven, but curious and well-built seasons, for which the authors of the show managed to collect 39 Emmy nominations and more than thirty different film awards, including the prestigious Peabody Awards and Critics Choice.

Thirteen final episodes will be broadcast in parallel on the American TV channel AMC and Netflix streaming once a week. The story of the failed lawyer Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkork), who will later be known as “Sol Goodman”, will come to an end. How promised Odenkork himself, she “will change the viewers’ view of the events of the series” Into the Heavy “.”

“Epidemic”, season 2

Available in April on PREMIER

For foreigners, “Epidemic” has become a real window into Russian content: in 2020, the series bought Netflix, changing its English name to To The Lake. Show entered in the international top 5 Netflix received praise from Stephen King’s horror maestro himself. However, before that there was an unpleasant incident: from the streaming PREMIER deleted the fifth series, where riot police cleared a settlement with civilians for quarantine and then destroyed it by protesters.

It is still unknown in what form the second series will reach the platform. Details of the plot have not yet been announced, but the creators promise to continue the story of Muscovite Sergei (Kirill Klyaro), his new lover and ex-wife, as well as friends and several fellow travelers who escaped from Moscow and reached Wongozer in Karelia at the end of the season.

“Roar”, Season 1

Available from April 15 on Apple TV +

Last year, Netflix closed the bright, fun and original series “Gloss” (GLOW) about women’s wrestling. Some screenwriters and even actors have moved to a new project – a film adaptation of a collection of unusual stories Roar from the Irish writer Cecilia Ahern, best known for the novel “PS I love you.”

“Shrillly Loud” is an anthology of several strange, funny, fantastic and frightening women’s stories; there will be eight in the first season. The cast includes actresses of varying degrees, from this year’s Oscar nominee Nicole Kidman (“Dogville”) to the star of the not-so-popular sequel to the “Ominous Dead” franchise, Dana DeLorenzo.

Shining Girls

Available April 29 on Apple TV +

The team of directors and producers of the anti-utopia “The Maid’s Tale” in the person of Elizabeth Moss and Daina Reid is filming another book about the difficult fate of women. Leonardo DiCaprio also contributed to the unusual science fiction story: he was the executive producer, and his company Appian Way Productions bought the rights to the work. This time it’s about the novel by South African journalist Lauren Buckets The Shining Girls – a detective story about finding a maniac.

A girl named Kirby (Elizabeth Moss) accidentally survives a terrible attack. Since the police are not coping with the case, they aim to find and punish the criminal on their own. As a result, Kirby learns that the maniac kidnaps and destroys the so-called “shining girls” – especially talented young women. After all, it is their deaths that allow a serial killer to travel through time.

“Matryoshka’s Life” / “Matryoshka” (Russian Doll), season 2

Available from April 20 on Netflix

Despite the self-sufficiency of the story from the first season, the show of American screenwriter Leslie Hadland (“Black Monday”) and actress Natasha Lyonn (“Kate and Leo”) was extended by seven more episodes. The unusual series in the spirit of “Groundhog Day” was caressed by film critics and juries of various film awards: it did not receive awards in 2019-2020, but was nominated for an Emmy, “Saturn” and “Golden Globe”, including best series.

What the second season will be about is not yet clear. According to the media, the authors will depart from the concept of time loops and more will focus on different timelines. The characters of Natasha Lyonn and Charlie Barnett will return to the cast this season will join Canadian actress Annie Murphy from the series “Shitts Creek”.

“Barry”, Season 3

Available April 24 on HBO Max

The series “Barry” could be studied as a standard of drama: the so-called “dry” American humor and comedy of the absurd are combined with the tragic story of the protagonist. Comedian and former resident of the American show Saturday Night Live Bill Haider and one of the creators of “Silicon Valley” Alec Berg created a very intimate, but really worthy of watching the show. The first and second seasons won several Golden Globe and Emmy nominations, and Hayder received an Emmy 2020 statuette for Best Actor.

The story of the killer and aspiring actor Barry (Haider) continues after the dramatic finale of the second season. Most people who know about Barry’s secret profession have already been eliminated. But his acting teacher, Gene (Henry Winkler), guesses who killed his lover, Detective Moss, and won’t stop until he finds out the truth.

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