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Without applications of rhinestones and cultural appropriation.

This April, after a two-year hiatus, the Coachella Music, Social Media and Rhinestones Festival returned to California. The guests of the event are happy to exhibit photos of their images, which are easy to see – some of the techniques of the festival make-up have not changed in the last five years. There are still a large number of binded rhinestones in the faces of visitors, reminiscent of binds, and glamorous variations of national hats – in general, all for which “Coachella” is criticized for cultural appropriation.

However, there are some nice trends at the festival that I want to repeat.

Blue shadows

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Provoc pencil shadows, 874 р.

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The nineties, zeros and other nostalgia that has already faded into consciousness are still relevant. We take out the ancient Ruby Rose palettes, look for the most shimmering blue shadows, apply on the entire eyelid and display the arrow. If the radiance is low – you should add single contrasting rhinestones. Brown lipstick with a dark contour – a successful completion of the retro image.

Grunge eyeliner

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NYX Eyeliner, 817 р.

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Eye pencil OK Beauty, 845 р.

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It is difficult to call black eyeliner a special trend. But even this classic makeup technique is often transformed. More recently, the best way to emphasize the eyes was considered to be the influential smokes with shading. Now the trends are rushing from extreme to extreme: either Julia Fox-style art arrows, or a thin slimy mucus, like Billy Isle on Coachella.

Rhinestones in the hair

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Lime bezel, 2299 р.

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Self-adhesive rhinestones “Treasure Island”, 182 р.

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The rhinestones that the festival guests usually glued to their faces have moved to their hair this year – and it can’t help but rejoice. The unbeaten reception is easy to repeat at home with the help of self-adhesive crystals from the store for creativity. A more glamorous version is hair accessories with strands decorated with stones.

Braids on the face

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Philip Kingsley Styling Serum, 2872 р.

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Hair bands, 250 р.

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And another trick from the nineties. To make thin braids look organic, walk on the hair with a smoothing serum or light fixing gel, and braid the curls loosely, slightly back from the roots. We advise to alternate such a hairstyle with a spiral rim and butterfly crabs.

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