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Headliners of the two hundred and eleventh issue podcast and radio program “Music on Freedom”– a bright figure in modern British culture Stephen Coates and his project The Real Tuesday Weld. Rock critic Artemy Troitsky presents in detail all the creative merits of Coates and his many successful endeavors.

Perhaps the purely English type of eccentric and dandy has faded a bit compared to the times Charles Dickens, Gilbert Keith Chesterton and Ivlina Vo, but this image is alive. I know several such gentlemen – artists, designers, photographers – and musicians. Among the new heroes, the brightest example is perhaps Stephen Coates – researcher of extinct cultures, writer, media adventurer and leader of a recently deceased music project The Real Tuesday Weld. The title needs to be clarified: this is not “Real Tuesday Stitch”, as I would probably translate Google. Tusday Weld – the name of the scandalous American actress, who worked as a model since the age of 9, and at the age of 12 became addicted to alcohol and made the first suicide attempt. In Russia, this lady is known for her role in the film “Once Upon a Time in America”. By the way, Veld is alive and celebrated her 78th birthday.

So, the young Stephen Coates, a student of the Royal College of Art, launched his music project in 1999. Style TRTW from the very beginning he was different from everything and everyone. I would like to mention three main characteristics. The first is blatant “Englishness”. From the theorist of dandyism George Brammella to Harry Potter, from Sherlock Holmes to David Bowie – Coates brought together all sorts of British archetypes, especially London. The second characteristic: music of 1910-1930 – Dixieland, swing, vaudeville, tango, cabaret. The only ones you can compare with TRTW, – the most popular in Russia Tiger Lillies Martina Jacques, but also stylistics, and arrangements are more various. Well, and the third difference: the maximum literature. In his songs, Coates tells stories that are intertwined with tragedy and drama. The third long play of the group “I, Lucifer” (2004) is actually a “musical film adaptation” novel of the same name Glen Duncan. The insane country swing “Bath Hour in Clerkenwell” illustrates all three principles well The Real Tuesday Weld.

Stephen Coates is a completely atypical and, perhaps, not even quite professional musician. First of all, he is an immensely curious researcher and adventurer, and music can be considered rather a by-product of his scientific and cultural studies. He founded the “Bureau of Disappeared Cultures” – studies the mythology of London and, in particular, the ancient city cemeteries. Along with publications on this topic in local lore magazines Coates p TRTW also released the music album “London Book of the Dead” (2008). Let’s listen to one of the tragic stories of the Book – “Ruth, Roses and Revolvers”.

The most important part of Stephen Coates’ bizarre world is his “little homeland”, the Clerkenwell area of ​​north-east London. Clerkenwell Kid, “The Clerkenwell Boy” is Stephen’s alter ego and the hero of several of his albums, including his debut. Here, “in the area”, in a pub with a nice name “The End of the World”, TRTW recorded their penultimate album live on Valentine’s Day. The most beautiful song “Nightingales” is performed here by the star of the British folk scene Mara Carlisle.

The latest concept album The Real Tuesday Weld saw the light in 2011, and this is again a song transformation of Glen Duncan’s novel (by the way, a close friend of Coates), this time “The Last Werewolf”. From this album I chose the number “Wolf Man” with the participation of another wonderful guest vocalist – Joe Coles from the group The Guillotines.

In the last 10 years, as expected, Coates’s career has completely ceased to interest him. Having worked out the theme of English urban mysticism, he became interested in another sinister subject, the Cold War! Coates began visiting Russia to excavate artifacts from that period, where we finally met. The result of the visits was a series of eight radio programs “WE AND THEY: Songs of Propaganda and the Cold War”, as well as the release in England of an almost complete archive of film music recordings Mikaela Tariverdieva. But the main thing: Coates fatally charmed and captured history of Soviet “plates on” bones“- legendary underground discs released from the late 40’s to early 60’s. Together with an adventurer, photographer Paul Hartfield, Coates has released a book about this strange phenomenon, and a couple of years later a documentary “X-ray” (2017). Moreover, the gentlemen gathered a large exhibition, restored the technique of printing plates on X-rays and with this show toured half the world.

Roentgenizdat documentary trailer

In addition to the attraction on Soviet bones, Coates conducts programs on Soho Radio in London, writes music for films, performances and exhibitions, directs published by Antique Beat and probably does a lot more. So I was not surprised when he officially announced his death in early 2021 The Real Tuesday Weld. Of course, it is a pity, because there was no other such carnival group in the world. Coates sweetened the bitter pill by processing unpublished material, and posthumously released a series of three albums called “Swan Songs”. The first episode, “Blood”, has already been released.

I offer you a mysterious song called “What will happen next?”. Stephen Coates, like Agatha Christie, can’t predict!

Playlist of the 211th issue of “Music on Freedom”:

1. L’Epée (France / USA). Dreams, LP Diabolique

2. Tobin Sprout (USA). The Man I Used to Know, LP Empty Horses

3. Juicy Friuts (Japan). Jenie Gets Angry, LP Tokyo Dreaming

4. Chika Asamoto (Japan). Self Control, LP Tokyo Dreaming

5. Grays (Canada). Kill Appeal, LP Age Hasn’t Spoiled You

6. The Real Tuesday Weld (UK). Bathtime in Clerkenwell, LP I, Lucifer

7. The Real Tuesday Weld (UK). Ruth, Roses & Revolver, LP The London Book of The Dead

8. The Real Tuesday Weld (UK). Nightingales, LP The End of The World

9. The Real Tuesday Weld (UK). Wolfman, LP The Last Werewolf

10. The Real Tuesday Weld (UK). What Happens Next? LP Swan Songs: Blood

11. Automatic (USA). Suicide In Texas, LP Signal

12. Adult Life (UK). Jnr Showtime, LP Book of Curses

13. Fade To Blue (Taiwan). Bai jia chun, LP Island Catch

14. Marynka (Holland / Russia). Theater, LP Red Moon

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