The Liberal Democratic Party proposes to name the streets of Kursk after the soldiers who died in Ukraine

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Among the names of new city streets proposed to parliamentarians are Roshchinskaya, Ivovaya, Tsvetuschaya, Verbnaya …

– Such people were in the past, there are those who commit heroic deeds in our time, – said in the Kursk branch of the Liberal Democratic Party. – Several residents of the Kursk region have already died in Ukraine, defending our security.

As a result, the Liberal Democratic Party proposed to name several newly formed streets of Kursk after the dead fighters.

– It is important to immortalize the names of the heroes in this way right now, so that our soldiers and their parents feel the support of the Kuryans, – said at a meeting of the Kursk City Assembly MP from the Liberal Democratic Party Elena Breeva.

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