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The legendary creator of “Laskovy May” is aware that Razin has moved to an unfriendly country

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Sergei Kuznetsov shared this news with fans on his social network page.

Sergei Borisovich calmly reassured his fans and subscribers that the information that Andrei Razin, the producer of “Laskovy May”, had sold his property, most likely left Russia for a long time, of course, is known to him.

But fans of his work, well aware of all the intricacies of the relationship between Sergei Kuznetsov, Yuri Shatunov and Andrei Razin, simply exploded. There is not a single one in the comments under the post in support of Razin, who left Russia. Many hope that the copyrights to the songs, which are so dear to millions of fans of “Laskovy May”, decades later and court epics will return to those who should have them – Kuznetsov and Shatunov.

Andrei Razin writes on social networks:

… I want to say goodbye to my subscribers… At the moment I have been living in the United States for a long time, where I am working on the painting “Affectionate May – 2”. I hope you will see her in the near future. I love all of you: my fans, fans of Yuri Shatunov and the group “Laskovy May”, as well as fans of Serezha Kuznetsov.

He also noted that the songs of the group “Affectionate May” have new rights holders – from the United States. They registered all the rights to the trademark “Laskovy Mai”, namely – 29 songs of the main repertoire of the group, as well as all photos – film archives, all documentaries, all private shootings, all photos – everything related to the group “Laskovy Mai” , including works of art, books, feature films and novels.

Therefore, from now on, all rights belong to the Americans. And I am very grateful that Andrei Gurov and I have been given the right to use all the works of the group on a gratuitous basis. There are also many questions about lawsuits. All the courts that will go on the territory of Russia from 2022 (and so far all the courts have confirmed the rights of the new owners, up to the Supreme Court of Russia), have no meaning for the United States, as Russian court decisions have no legal force in the United States and are not recognized by the world community, – Andrei Razin points out with mockery, once again showing everyone his true face.

Unlike Sergei Kuznetsov, who lives in a modest apartment in Orenburg and has nothing on his mind but the recognition and love of fans, Andrei Razin is now a resident of sunny Miami. But “Affectionate May” is a bright page in the history of our country, which, it turns out, was pulled out of our album …

By the way, Kuznetsov himself admits:

And what do you think – having created “LM”, I got into a fairy tale? Yes, nothing like that … In my opinion, this is my biggest mistake in life – creating this project. Of course, at first everything was kind of good. Yes, you yourself understand – clouds of admirers and admirers, whole mountains of flowers – had to be distributed so as not to wither. And in hotel rooms these bouquets simply would not suffice a place. Well, and, of course, continuous transfers, flights from city to city. You arrive at night, in some city and immediately sleep – the day will be, as usual, not easy … It all looked like a complete idyll from the hall …

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