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The star couple’s family vacation was disrupted due to a coronavirus pandemic. But the artist, who spent money on the trip, decided to seek justice in court.

How reports the publication “7 days”, last year Vladimir Vdovichenkov and his wife, actress Elena Lyadova, planned to rest in Greece. Restrictions related to the coronavirus disrupted plans, and the tour company closed. As a result, the acting family was left without rest and without money.

Maybe someone else waved his hand, considering it an unpleasant coincidence, but Vdovichenkov decided to fight for the money spent on tickets and thwarted plans for the holiday. He sued the tour operator. As a result, the meetings lasted a long time, but the law was on the side of stellar consumers.

According to the court’s decision, the artist and his wife must be paid about 1.2 million rubles by the management of the travel agency. This includes not only the cost of tickets, but also compensation for non-pecuniary damage, as well as a fine for violating the law protecting the rights of consumers.

Photo: legion-media.ru

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