The last interview of the soloist of “Singing Scammers” Tom Chaos: “I’m sorry”

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This morning it became known about the death of the soloist of the group “Singing swindlers” Vyacheslav Zinurov, known under the pseudonym Tom Chaos. He was 50 years old. We wrote here about the circumstances of the artist’s death and the last days of his life. As it turned out, the day before the tragedy, Tom gave an interview to MUZ-TV, in which he again spoke about the conflict with a colleague in the group – Sergei Amoralov. Last year, Chaos left the band after 25 years of working together, and together with another ex-member of the group Garik Bogomazov (he left the “Scammers” in 2011) began to perform under the name “former” “Sung swindlers”. According to Tom, the leader of the Amoral group took most of his fees. Shortly before his death, Chaos and Garik were going to sue Sergei, which he talked about on a TV show on federal television.

I just think we have to fight for the name. The man really does not allow us to perform, although we do not block his way, – he said in a recent interview. – It was very difficult to talk to him, especially lately. When I tried to talk to him about fees, what’s going on… something changed with the person. I trusted this man, I knew that we were working honestly, driving together and experiencing the same difficulties. We shoot clips, do everything in half… I think the title should have been 50 by 50. Would discuss it with me.

Vyacheslav Zinurov (Tom Chaos)

Also, the artist for the first time openly told why, despite the huge contribution of the author and the sole creation of the group, all these years he was forced to remain in the shadows. With his lawsuit, he wanted to achieve justice in the dispute, adding that he regretted the disagreement:

It turns out unfairly. I am ready to fight, because I want justice… Probably, for him it is considered that money decides everything. And it seems to me that justice is the most important factor… I am very sorry that this happened. Because somewhere in my heart and soul I still respect this person, even though such things have happened to us.

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