The largest European exhibition Documenta is accused of anti-Semitism

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One of the world’s leading exhibitions of contemporary art Documenta, which opened on June 18 in Kassel, Germany, blame in anti-Semitism. Earlier, the current curators of Documenta spoke out against anti-Israel and called for a complete boycott of Israel, both economically and culturally.

This year, no Israeli artist is participating in the exhibition. Because presented several paintings that were considered offensive not only to Israelis but to Jews in general.

German Culture Minister Claudia Roth said she thought some of the works at the exhibition were anti-Semitic. The Minister of Culture of the federal state of Hesse, where Documenta takes place, agrees. The most controversial painting was “Financing Question” by Indonesian artist group Taring Padi: it depicts a Jew with vampire fangs and a hat with the emblem of the Nazi SS, as well as a creature with a pig’s head with a Star of David on its chest and the inscription “Mosad”. “on the forehead.

Palestinian artist Mohammed al-Nawajri’s Guernica Gaza project, which equates the actions of Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip with the destruction of Guernica in Spain in 1937, has also been criticized. Claudia Roth believes that such art “crosses borders”.

  • Documenta is one of the world’s leading forums for contemporary art and the most important exhibition in Germany. It has been held in the German city of Kassel every 4-5 years since 1955 and was conceived as a cultural figure of post-war Europe, which broke with Nazism. This year, Documenta opened for the fifteenth time; The opening was attended by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Federal Minister of Culture Claudia Roth and other officials. The curatorial team that organized Documenta this year is the Ruangrupa creative team from Indonesia. They develop the theme of the “global south”, so many Asian and African authors are among the artists presented at the exhibition. However, there is not a single artist from Israel among them.
  • Earlier it was known that members of Ruangrupa signed letters of solidarity with the movement BDS (“Boycott, Isolation”), which calls for a complete renunciation of any ties with Israel in the political, economic and cultural spheres.

Hesse Minister of Culture Angela Dorn turned with a request for clarification from the Director General of Documenta Sabine Shorman. So far, Documenta’s management has not responded.

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