The Kuryans were told how to communicate with the collectors in the absence of any debts

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In the Kursk region, Rospotrebnadzor told citizens how to talk to collectors if they overcome endless calls.

– First of all, calmly clarify from which specific collection agency you are concerned and for what reason, and then explain that you are neither a guarantor nor a borrower and your consent you have not given anywhere or anything, – explained in the Office of Rospotrebnadzor Kursk region.

If the calls continue to arrive, it is worth recording the negotiations and take the details of the phone calls from the operator to confirm the obsession of collectors and violations on their part. It also makes sense to send a written notice to the collection agency and the lender by mail, it is better to do it by registered letter with a notice of delivery. In the letter it is necessary to write about absence of credit obligations and to tell about incorrect work of the collector.

It should be noted that the activities of collection agencies are regulated by Federal law, and they are not entitled to apply any coercive measures to the debtor to obtain a debt, as such powers are vested only in the Federal Bailiffs Service.
Basically, the work of collectors comes down to convincing the debtor to pay the debt, while acting in good faith and reasonably.

– Remember, actions connected with use of physical force, threat of its use, threat of murder or causing harm to health aren’t allowed, – note in Rospotrebnadzor. – Threats of destruction or damage to property, psychological pressure with the use of expressions that degrade human honor and dignity are also illegal.

If the calls become aggressive, you are threatened, you should contact law enforcement. You can also write a complaint about the actions of collectors to the territorial body of the Federal Bailiffs Service and the prosecutor’s office.

For collection of illegal actions by collectors the administrative responsibility in the form of the penalty which size can reach 500 thousand rubles is provided.

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