The Krasnodar Library for the Blind has opened a book distribution point in a kindergarten № 13

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You can enroll in the library right in the kindergarten. All the literature there is of a special format – with an enlarged font and a relief-dotted Braille font, there are audiobooks. In order to receive different publications, parents must enroll in the library.

Note that kindergarten № 13 and the library are linked by a strong partnership. Employees of the cultural institution hold entertainment events there, read aloud. In addition, they are developing the direction of family reading to stimulate children’s interest in the book, which sometimes modern parents simply do not have time. In addition, literature in a special font is not cheap. Therefore, the library in the kindergarten will save the family budget.

The opening of the library was marked by a theatrical performance with the participation of favorite fairy tale characters. This event was timed to coincide with the All-Russian Day of Libraries. It is celebrated today, May 27.

Photo: Krasnodar TV Channel

Earlier we reported that Irina Kovina became the best librarian of 2022 in Krasnodar. She heads the Reading Room of the library-club. HELL. Znamensky. The results of the competition were summed up in their library. A.M. Gorky on the eve of the All-Russian Day of Libraries.

We will remind, the action “Biblionoch-2022” will be held in the Krasnodar Territory on May 28 in face-to-face format. It will take place within the framework of the national project “Culture”. This was announced by Deputy Governor Anna Minkova.

In Krasnodar in action 146,000 people took part in the Night of Museums. They visited night exhibitions and projects of cultural institutions. Dozens of cultural and leisure institutions were opened for Krasnodar residents and guests of the city last evening.

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