The Japanese director was accused of sexual violence before the release of his film about sexual violence

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According to a Japanese tabloid, the director Sakaki Hideo forced four actresses to have sex with him to get a role in the film.

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According to the tabloid, the first victim participated in the director’s seminar Sakaki Hideo in 2013. After the seminar, he invited her for a drink and then raped her in the parking lot. She stated: “I wanted to work as an actress, so I couldn’t tell the police.”

The second victim met the director for the first time Sakaki Hideo in November 2017 in a pub where representatives of the film industry gathered. She claimed that after talking to the director on social media, they met alone in a bar.

The third victim starred in the film Sakaki Hideo in 2015. She stated: “During the preparations for the filming, he often invited to the office, and also called to the hotel to have sex.”. She also said that if she refused him, she would lose her role. She said: “We went to a bar together, and on the way back he suddenly dragged me to the parking lot and raped me.”

The fourth victim went to a master class Sakaki Hideo in 2015, who offered to “look at his game” in his office. There she was sexually abused by him. Like the other victims, she had sexual intercourse with him several times.

Director Sakaki Hideo accused not only of forced sex, but also that he demanded to be photographed naked.

Sakaki Hideo married to Sasaki Izumi since 2005. They have two daughters. On March 25, he planned to release his new film, Confession, about domestic violence. The main character of the film, played by Satsukawa Aimi, was sexually abused as a teenager by her stepfather and is still suffering from trauma. Ark Entertainment, which distributes the film in Japanese and international markets, has announced the postponement of its release.

Sakaki Hideo also apologized, saying: “I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the article to the producers, staff, actors and other people who worked hard to make the film, and especially to the viewers who are looking forward to the release of the film. I sincerely apologize to everyone for the inconvenience, anxiety, and discomfort I caused. I sincerely regret that I caused pain and grief to my precious and irreplaceable family. I also feel very sorry for those who have been brought to the center of this story, whether it is true or not. “

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