The images of NMIXX on the music show caused a mixed reaction – that’s why

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On February 22, a new women’s group NMIXX debuted with the release of her first single album “AD MARE“Consisting of songs”OO»And«TANK». During the first few weeks of his debut NMIXX went to music shows to promote their new album and its title track «OO». Most recently NMIXX returned to music shows to promote the second song of their album «TANK».

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In particular, a group of seven participants took part in the broadcast of the music show SBS “Inkigayo»April 3. In this performance, the participants can be seen in plaid beige-black and denim outfits.

However, scenic images of rising stars provoked mixed reactions from online users after a publication entitled “Clothes NMIXX on Inkigayowhich people like or dislike». The post was posted on April 3 on The Qoo’s online community forum and has since garnered more than 76,400 views.


While many praised the girls for their appearance and did not see any problems with their outfits, as they considered them suitable for their song, the style of clothing of some participants is criticized. According to the audience, the overall design of their clothes looked strange, for example, plaid tights, but the outfit of the participant Jiu caused the most negativity. Many fans expressed their disappointment with the outfit Jiubecause of the style of her hips looked big and did not fit her body type.

Netizens wrote: “All NMIXX members are beautiful, but their outfits are disappointing,” “Only clothes.” Jiu looked bad. Outfits Bay and Solun looked good “,” No .. U Jiu big hips. Why is she so dressed? What? ”,“ The top is all right, but the tights are not very… ”,“ It’s not bad, because it’s unique. But I don’t think he’s a figure Jiu was taken into account because the design of her clothes was pathetic “,” Who is the second participant on the left? Her outfit looks so bad. “and similar others.

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