The host of “Dynamo TV” about the accusations of cheating: “Viewers began to write under the videos:” This comment is for Zarema. ” Thank you very much to her “- Football

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The host of “Dynamo TV” responded to accusations of cheating views on the YouTube channel.

– At the end of January from the filing Zaremy Salikhova rose topic about cheating views in Dynamo. So screwed or not?

– We do not wind views. Work is underway – thanks to the necessary tools, our content has become more frequent to reach people who are interested in it. Hence the significant increase in views – our materials appear in the “suggested” to the right audience.

The Dynamo Digital Directorate, headed by David Myshalov, is expanding our active audience on all fronts. So it was just the competent work of people promoting content. If the videos with Smolov were bad, would so many people watch them? I doubt it.

– There was a sharp rise in views, subscribers were not added.

– First, subscribers were added – this fact should not be missed.

Secondly, it is a normal situation when you watch some videos, but do not subscribe to every channel and do not comment on every video. The videos with Smolov were watched by a variety of users, sometimes unrelated to sports. So, the topic was interesting to many.

By the way, it was funny: a large number of our viewers reacted to the accusations of cheating – they began to write specifically under the videos: “This comment is for Zarema.” So thank you very much personally to her and the telegram channels, they actually helped us to raise our involvement even more – we have increased the number of comments and likes due to the indignation of the Dynamo audience.

– It is strange when Zarema comments on the ups and downs of views on the club channel “Dynamo”.

“It’s not for me to judge.” But I don’t think she would comment on the statistics of another club TV. This is the eternal theme – “Dynamo” against “Spartak”, all our history we are the main antagonists. It’s just that Spartak came up with a way to drive to Dynamo and took advantage of it, she said. Polina Lysenko.

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