The Hornet showrunners talked about plans to start filming the second season at the end of the summer

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Showtime showers “Hornets” (Yellowjackets) said that the narration of the second season will continue from the moment when the memories of the main characters from 1996 comes winter. In a conversation with Variety screenwriters Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson said that the decision was made despite the planned start of filming in late summer. The new season will be called “The Winter of Our Anxiety”, referring viewers to the eponymous novel by John Steinbeck and a line from William Shakespeare’s play “Richard III”.

According to Nickerson, the script for the second season of “Hornets” has been in the process of writing for several months. Lyle notes that the production will require the creators to be as creative as possible to make the season truly winter in the conditions of summer filming. Earlier, Showtime Networks president Gary Levin expressed hope that the show’s second season would premiere in late 2022.

The series “Hornets” (Yellowjackets) tells about a team of football players who got into a plane crash and were cut off from the civilized world. The first season starred Melanie Linsky, Sophie Thatcher, Juliet Lewis, Tony Cypress and Christina Ricci.

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