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The last chart of peacetime

The pandemic ruined the tour, but had little effect on the artists’ desire to record and release new tracks and albums. But how will the regulars of the charts and those who aspire to it react to the fighting? Perhaps in March 2022, a new era began in the local music industry. In the meantime, the hit parade of peacetime. I want to hope, not the last.

After the dramatic story of the rescue of the singer McSim hit the news, the hits of the singer, like herself, seemed to be reborn. More than fifteen years have passed since McSim’s debut album “Hard Age”, and perhaps this is the distance from which “Letting Go”, “Becoming the Wind”, “Do You Know” and other songs are perceived quite -to another. They are incredibly generous with music and lyrics, which is especially noticeable in the era of beats and hooks.

Dilute an old hit with rap is a simple and probably rational decision. New versions, unlike the original, rarely claim a long life, but are great for creating some excitement. And I must admit that it turned out atmospheric, especially given all the experiences and, of course, memorable video from the concert of Yegor Creed, in which he included “Let go”, recorded the audience singing along, and posted in support of a colleague who was at the time in the hospital.

If fans of Creed and McSim have reasons for sentiment, then fans of Artik & Asti have prepared something like a quest. Since the new Asti appeared in the duo, and the former became Anna Asti, the audience, following the artists without a maniacal addiction, can easily mix everything in their heads. Both the duo and the singer who separated from him are not as different as chanson and heavy, so fans should train their ears. It’s not difficult. Pop fans from the nineties learned not to confuse Apina with Ivanova and Saltykova with Vetlitskaya. If we are talking about the competition between the former, then Anna Asti and her “Phoenix” are still ahead, albeit by a small margin.

Klava Koki’s growing career already resembles a cunning tactical multi-course. Her cocktail of her own hits and collaborations is becoming more and more hectic. And this is logical, because it gives the impression that the girl is thinking not only steps, but also jumps on the spot. Judging by the brisk start of her joint track with Arthur Pirozhkov “You Want”, both the clip and the song are already justifying themselves. Klava chose a more serious man as her teammate and probably hints that she will soon be able to sing with Leps or Kirkorov. There is, however, not very good news here. So far only for Artur Pirozhkov, who, despite all his mobility, against the background of Klava a little daddy. But Klava is beautiful again.

Even the most frivolous pop music can sometimes resonate surprisingly with public sentiment. When Lucy Chebotina’s hit first appeared on the Internet, the lines “Why do I need the Monaco sun, why, tell me, do I need the Moon in St. Tropez?” were brought out in drunken voices at parties without any second thought. But this March, they suddenly turned into crying over Schengen visas and revelry on the Cote d’Azur. It’s time for someone to make – even in the format of a concept EP – remakes of “Carmen” “London, Goodbye”, Nautil’s “Goodbye, America”, and in the rest of the world – a collection of different frets, voices and tones, Euro hit Ukrainian guide Serdyuchka Russia Goodbye. In this situation, he will cheer.

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