The Hermitage of Amsterdam broke off relations with the Russian Hermitage: Art: Culture:

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The Hermitage of Amsterdam has severed ties with the Russian Hermitage in St. Petersburg. Reports about it TASS.

The Museum of the Netherlands refused to cooperate against the background of the situation in Ukraine. It said that the Amsterdam branch had previously tried to distance itself from political events in modern Russia and focus on work, and links with the museum in St. Petersburg gave it access to one of the world’s most famous art collections.

“Our board and director have decided to terminate relations with the State Hermitage,” the statement from the museum and exhibition on the Amstel River said.

It also says that cooperation with the Russian Hermitage was harmonious and led to the appearance of visiting exhibitions in Amsterdam. The museum of the Netherlands noted that they had no other choice, and hoped for peace and change within Russia, which will restore cooperation.

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