The head of the State Duma committee on culture was outraged by the sale of books by Akunin, Bykov and Glukhovsky. And promised “unpleasant questions to book owners”

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Elena Yampolskaya, chairwoman of the State Duma’s culture committee, was outraged by the sale of books by Boris Akunin, Dmitry Bykov, Leonid Parfenov and Dmitry Glukhovsky in Moscow bookstores. That’s what she’s talking about reported “Parliamentary newspaper”.

Yampolskaya said that she walked through Moscow bookstores, not only large and located in the center, but also private and located on the outskirts.

The official was surprised that books by writers who openly spoke out against the fighting in Ukraine were still on store shelves. “Near the box office, on separate stands – Akunin.”

Yampolskaya accused Akunin of “anti-Russian and anti-state position,” and called his work “precocious waste paper.” In her opinion, it is “indecent” to allocate “whole regiments” for the works of Akunin, Bykov, Parfenov and Glukhovsky with the existing support of the book industry.

Yampolskaya promised that “the State Duma Committee on Culture will soon ask unfriendly questions to the founders and owners of bookstores.” She added that “a conversation with publishers is also ahead.”

At the end of March, representatives of the book industry turned to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin with a proposal to introduce measures to support the industry. Among the problems faced by publishers were a 50% increase in the cost of books, limited access to software supplied from abroad, the lack of coated paper and problems with other components for the production of books.

Representatives of the industry proposed to reduce the single social tax rate to 15% or even abolish it by the end of the year. Another measure that will help the industry, according to publishers, may be the introduction of non-repayable loans, as was the case during the pandemic.

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