The head of the Murmansk diocese has published a book on envy

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The head of the Murmansk diocese has published a book on envy

The publishing house of the Murmansk diocese has released a new study by Metropolitan of Murmansk and Monchegorsk Mitrofan (Badanin) “Envy”.

In his study, Bishop Mitrofan touches on an extremely important aspect of a person’s spiritual life – the sin of envy, which is inevitably faced by almost everyone.

The author traces the historical path of this problem, which stands in the way of saving man and sometimes poisons his life.

The author reveals the social consequences of this sinful passion and examines attempts in human history to resist the destructive phenomenon. And also gives a comprehensive analysis of this defect from the philosophical, theological, psychological and other sides.

According to the Information and Publishing Department of the Murmansk Diocese, the new book by Metropolitan Mitrophan contains 64 pages of text and many illustrations.

The first edition was 1,000 copies. At the moment, the book can be ordered by e-mail and by phone 89600286677. After a while it will appear in church shops.

The author’s publications can also be found in free access on the website of the Murmansk Diocese in the section “Books of Metropolitan Mitrophan”.

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