The head of Karelia told what book he presented to Vladimir Putin

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The head of Karelia sent Vladimir Putin a book “Epics of Obonezhya”, which became Book of the Year of Karelia 2021. Artur Parfenchikov told about this today at a meeting with students of schools №52 and №8 of Petrozavodsk as part of the all-Russian action #SilaKniga.

The Power of the Book campaign.
Photo: “Republic” / Lilia Konchakova.

Artur Parfenchikov explained that when he met with the president in 2017, they discussed the development of Zaonezhye. Vladimir Putin has instructed to do so good road to the village of Oyatevshchina – the nearest point on the mainland to the island of Kizhi. Artur Parfenchikov reported about the work done, he insisted that this region should be made an ethnographic park, important for all of Russia. According to the head of Karelia, the President appreciated the importance of this place.

You know that Karelia is not only the homeland of the Kalevala, but also the homeland of Russian epics. Do you think they survived in Kiev, Smolensk or Polotsk? No, the whole cycle of Kiev epics was recorded in Zaonezhye, in Pudozh and a little in Kargopol. Today, our Zaonezhye is not only “Kizhi”, but also an ethnographic monument of Russian epic art, “the Head of Karelia told schoolchildren.

“Epics of Obonezh in retelling for children” was published in 2020 to mark the 100th anniversary of the republic. This year it was recognized as the Book of the Year of Karelia-2021. It presents 25 epics, which were recorded in the XIX – early XX century by folklore collectors Pavel Rybnikov, Alexander Gilferding, Anna Astakhova and others. The epics were handed over by representatives of the famous dynasty of Zaonezh narrators Ryabinin. The author and compiler of the book is Valentina Kuznetsova, illustrated by Dmitry Dmitriev.

Artur Parfenchikov met with schoolchildren of Petrozavodsk in the National Library of Karelia as part of the #SilaKniga campaign. At the same time, six more meetings were held in the library. Live readings took place throughout Karelia today. The participants of the Petrozavodsk action were Mayor Vladimir Lyubarsky, Chairman of the Public Chamber Lyubov Kulakova, Honored Artist of Karelia Elena Sapegina and other speakers. The purpose of the action is to promote reading among young people. Karelia received a baton from colleagues from Yakutia.

Action "The power of the book" in the National Library of Karelia.  Photo: "Republic"/ Lilia Konchakova.

Action “The Power of the Book” in the National Library of Karelia.
Photo: “Republic” / Lilia Konchakova.

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