The graffiti quarter was opened near the Kursk railway station – Moscow 24, 08.04.2022

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Photo: Moscow 24 / Yulia Ivanko

The exhibition of street art “Architecture of the word” opened near the Kursk railway station in Moscow. The works of graffiti artists are located on the wall along the railway tracks on the way from Kursk railway station to the center of contemporary art “Winery” and the center of design Artplay. The exhibition will last until September 2022. Next, the project will present new works by contemporary street artists.

It is noted that the exhibition presents five works that were selected in a competition among 15 graffiti artists. In particular, artists Slak_Aesthetics, Dima Retro, Kirill Kto, Petro_Aesthetics and Ivan Naynti are taking part in the project.

According to the chairman of Moscow Architecture Yuliana Knyazhevskaya, the artists in their works tried to show that today the city is getting closer to the graffiti artists.

According to the chief architect of the capital Sergei Kuznetsov, street art should be in a professional and civilized framework.

“We understand that this is cool and good, but with a big and important reservation: when it is thought out, consciously and professionally done,” Kuznetsov said. TASS.

In turn, the curator of the Urban + Art Winery Sabina Chagina explained that this gallery has become essentially the first legal city platform where street artists can exhibit in the format of a temporary exhibition and establish a dialogue with residents.

Earlier reportedthat VDNH will host free tours, festivals and lectures on the eve of Astronautics Day. Excursions “Planets of the Solar System”, “From start to landing”, program “Oil in space”, intellectual speeddating, lectures “Floating in order. Nikolai Fedorov and Yuri Gagarin”, “Space in the perception of a medieval scribe” and “Art” were prepared for visitors. and the notion of space in the twentieth century. “

Also on the International Bird Day at the Moscow Zoo opened multimedia photo exhibition “Pelicancy. Pelicans of the world”. The exhibition will be open to the public from April 1 to May 28.

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