The former general director of Lebedinsky GOK is preparing to publish the second edition of the book “Career by Career”

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Former General Director of Lebedinsky GOK, Soviet and Russian mining engineer, 80-year-old Anatoly Kalashnikov in interview with the Moscow Komsomol member told about the release of the second edition of his autobiographical book “Career and Career”.

The book is based on Kalashnikov’s memories of his youth, factory and complex history of the 90s. Anatoly Kalashnikov managed LGOK from 1988 to 1997 and was able to build the first complex for the production of hot briquetted iron at the plant. Then came the new owners, the director lost his post, the plant began difficult times. The plant returned to stable development in the 2000s, when the company’s shares were bought out by Alisher Usmanov.

“I started it.” [книгу] to write in 2000 on hot tracks. Periodically threw, returned, postponed and still “tortured”. When I started writing, there were no computers yet. He wrote with a pen, then gave it to the transcript, 30 percent of the material disappeared. Despite all the obstacles, the book was published, – quotes the Kalashnikov.

According to the author, during the 20 years he wrote the book, much has changed, so he made an addition and wrote an epilogue, which can be seen in the second edition.

– The book “Career by Career” is imbued with love for Russia, his native GOK, miners and residents of Gubkin. The principled author does not spare enemies, in his assessment of events he is sharp and frank – the book is read in one breath. One edition was not enough. Therefore, Anatoly Timofeevich is preparing to publish the second edition of the book, – writes “Moscow Komsomolets”.

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The ex-CEO said that since he headed the plant, there have been many personnel and technological changes. For example, at the time of his departure, one plant of the hot briquetted iron plant was working at the plant, and now there are three. At the same time, the fourth stage is planned to be built in three years.

– What Metalloinvest is doing now is a big deal for the country, for all metallurgists and people living in the cities where the company’s enterprises operate. I believe that the plant is in safe hands, the direction of development is the right one. LGOK has become not a Russian, but a world center for the production of briquettes. Gubkin and Stary Oskol are developing, occupying high places in the rankings for the level of well-being, thanks to Lebedinsky GOK and OEMK. Quality of life and well-being of people is the main criterion for evaluating the work of any leader. People today have confidence in tomorrow. I think that no one today invests in the social sphere as much as Metalloinvest. I remembered Usmanov’s words: it is necessary to share, there should not be such a big gap in income. Therefore it is necessary to raise a salary that people were happy. They are tasked with bringing the average salary at the plant to a thousand dollars. I am confident that this boundary will be overcome. Metalloinvest has a good team of managers led by Nazim Tofikovich Efendiyev, they have experience in introducing new technologies, and they do not spare money for technical re-equipment.

By the way, the engineer himself tries to live by the will of the writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn: “Live not by lies.”

– I live by Solzhenitsyn’s will: “Live not by lies.” Live honestly. I believe that we need to live in harmony with ourselves, with the Lord, with nature, with the people around us. And that the conscience was clear. The rest will apply. You must live with dignity so that your descendants will not be ashamed.

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