The “For the Cause of Life” award of the Israeli Academy of Film and TV will be presented to the program “Zeu ze!”

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The Israeli Academy of Film and Television has announced that this year’s award “For the Work of Life” will be awarded to the popular comedy TV program “Zeu ze!” (That’s all!).

“This is one of the most influential and important TV programs ever broadcast in Israel,” the academy said in a statement. – screenwriters, directors, actors – contributed to the public debate on the most important issues – political, social, moral. The program raised issues such as high cost of living, discrimination, national strife, traffic jams, and created a huge number of parodies on current topics. ” .

“In the most difficult days for the country – from the Gulf War to the coronavirus epidemic – this program and its creators knew and were able to relieve tension and look with humor at the most difficult problems. But not only humor is valuable. For many years, the creators of” Zeu Ze! “managed to instill in their viewers a love of art, cinema, make accessible and understandable world scientific achievements and teach lessons of correct and competent knowledge of Hebrew. Over the years, the program has visited hundreds of novice actors. a small episode in “Zeu ze!”.

The first issues of the program aired in 1978. Her constant stars are the actors Moni Moshonov, Avi Kushnir, Shlomo Baraba, Gidi Gov and Dovale Glickman. In 1998, the program came off the screens, but in 2020, against the background of the coronavirus epidemic, its filming was resumed, and since then “Zeu ze!” is considered one of the most rated programs on the TV channel “11KAN”.

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