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The first official trailer of the action series “Offline” has appeared on the Internet. The story with Nikita Efremov in the lead role about an illegal application, which was originally used to sell drugs, but caused a bloody massacre of unrelated people, is expected on the Internet next week.

Here is what the official synopsis of the future series says:

“BeHappy is a secret invisible application that is used to buy drugs via a smartphone. Its users face a serious opponent who is hiding under the name Anonymous. He tells them that he has managed to reveal the data of everyone who has ever used this application, and now he gives them a choice – to go to the police and confess to everything or play a game of death. What will happen if you lose in this game, it becomes clear when BeHappy users receive a photo of Cladman with a slit throat.

The ten-part project, which will be exclusive to Okko, is a large-scale and action-packed story that the budget clearly did not spare. The main roles in “Offline” are played by Nikita Efremov (“Londongrad”), Denis Shvedov (“Major 1 and 2”) and Polina Maksimova (“257 reasons to live”). Kirill Plyotnev, who shot the drama “Burn!”, Is in charge of directing. and “Without me.”

Tagline of the series – “Everything secret will become clear.”

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If you believe the trailer, we are clearly waiting for an intriguing spectacle, covering a large number of hot topics for discussion and difficult moral issues. The wait is very short – “Offline” will be released on the stream service Okko on April 27.

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