The first novel by Yakov Kalinin. A former journalist wrote a book NGS24

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Jacob’s first novel is aptly called The First Masterpiece and tells the story of an illustrator who dreams of creating his first painting. Life gives him such a chance in the face of a robber who broke into the house. The main character Gregory accidentally kills a stranger, and his blood falls on the canvas, forming a mesmerizing pattern. The dead man settles in his head and pushes for all new experiments

– One day my wife had a dream about the end of my future book, and I liked it. And I can’t sleep, I came up with the prehistory of the whole action overnight, I came up with the characters, – the author shares.

The release of the novel coincided with a difficult situation in the world – the beginning of a special operation in Ukraine, the shortage of paper, the rise in price of books.

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