the fees of “Singing swindlers” are no longer a secret

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The soloist of the legendary band Amoralov lacks income from music.

The frontman of “Drunk Scammers” believes that Tom Chaos left the band due to financial disagreements. Sergei Amoralov himself earns not only in show business.

“He earned normally. I would like more, but in addition to concerts, I also have a business that is like an airbag. I will not say what kind of business, but it is not related to creativity at all. The fees in the group have increased because the intermediary company has left us.

We do not depend on anyone and do not share with anyone. Slavik did not know at all what was happening with the finances in the group. He was told by outsiders that we were cheating on him. I think that’s why he left the band. Our fees were divided equally, ”the singer told the Super portal.

On March 11, information was received about the death of the second member of the group “Sung swindlers” Tom Chaos (in the world Vyacheslav Zinurov). In the same interview for the publication of Super Amorals called the cause of death of a colleague in the shop.

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