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The comedy show has been airing for almost 60 years.

For the first time in 60 years, the First Channel stopped showing KVN. Together with the show of the club of cheerful and resourceful people on the First Channel, they got rid of “Evening Urgant”, “Let’s get married”, “Live great!” etc.

As the leadership of the first button of the country explains, during the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, the population has a request only for an information block. All entertainment programs on Channel One have been paused.

Initially, the new season of the KVN Premier League was not shown on TV due to Alexander Maslyakov’s illness. The TV presenter became infected again coronavirus, refused to lead the start games of 2022.

According to sources, only two games of the 1/8 finals of KVN were filmed. Maslyakov was replaced by Dmitry Nagiyev and Dmitry Khrustalev. But later KVN issues were removed from the air of the First Channel.

Insiders have found out exactly how KVN will return to the air. Yegor Kirilchik, a former member of the KVN 350 team, said that the first two games of the 2022 Premier League will be available on the Internet. Battles between the teams will allegedly be posted on Youtube KVN, writes the portal “Executioner”.

It is planned to shoot 3-5 KVN games in May, new shootings have already been confirmed by the KVN Planet. But about the fate of the first issues of the Premier League, the club’s management did not specify.

By the way, due to rumors that Russia plans to close Youtube, the fate of KVN remains unclear. Then it will not be possible to officially watch the issues of the game on the Web.

It is unknown who will lead the remaining games of the season. He could replace Alexander Maslyakov and Valdis Pelsh and Ivan Urgant. But Urgant himself was disgraced by his pacifist remarks.

If Maslyakov does not appear almost five months after the illness, then an open question will arise as to whether the TV presenter has left the KVN department completely.

As Topnews previously reported, in mid-February 2022, the media officially named six names of people who can replace Alexander Maslyakov in the KVN.

Among them were Julius Guzman, Andrei Burkovsky, Urgant, Nagiyev, etc. Maslyakov’s son then stated that his father was still receiving treatment.


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