The fate of actor Eugene Urbansky

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By that time, the actor was married for the second time. He met his first wife, Olga, while still a student and fell in love at first sight. He read her poems, saw her off home, sat on the steps for hours waiting … And the girl could not resist: she agreed to marry him. In this marriage a daughter was born, Urbansky gave her a name in honor of his wife – Olga, and at home the girl was affectionately called Alena. However, they separated a few years later, but Urbansky continued to see his daughter frequently and maintained good relations with his ex-wife. He fell in love for the second time in 1960, at the Moscow Film Festival. Actress Dzidra Ritenberg became famous in the movie “Mallow”. Eugene literally on the second day after the acquaintance confessed his love for her and made an offer. And she replied: now it is impossible, she will have heart surgery. The actor rushed to try to be allowed to take his beloved abroad to the best doctors. But he was assured: our doctors will do everything at the highest level. Then he made Dzidra promise: after the operation, straight from the hospital, they will go to the registry office. That’s how it turned out.

Sporty, strong, agile, Eugene Urbansky easily performed even the most risky tricks: it seemed that this mighty hero could do anything. It turned out that was not all … The film “Big Ore” was being shot. Eugene played a front-line driver, it was the main role. Upon learning that his hero was driving a dump truck, the actor volunteered to get behind the wheel, although he had no such experience before. He was given a few driving lessons, and soon Urbansky was confidently driving. The backup was invited only to film the final episode – tragic: the dump truck fell from a height, the driver of the plot died. No one expected that this scenario would soon be transferred to Urbansky’s life, and in the most terrible way.

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