the famous singer received a blow from the enraged Allegrova

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The legend of the scene was not afraid to express his opinion.

Klava Kok was criticized by Irina Allegrova for her work. A few years ago, the girl participated in the project “Main Stage”.

As part of the show, Koka performed Vladimir Kuzmin’s hit “I will not forget you”, transferring it to acoustic guitar. Despite the delight of the audience, the jury members did not like the number of the actress. Singer Irina Allegrova was especially criticized, noting that she did not see any sense in the singer’s work, so she did not recommend her to continue studying music.

Across the country: the famous singer received a blow from the enraged Allegrova

“Girl, tell me, what are you singing for?” And for whom? ” Allegrova did not hide her emotions.

Other experts, including Diana Arbenina, Valery Leontiev and Nikolai Noskov, also could not restrain themselves and refused to allow Klava to continue participating in the project. According to Internet users, the performance now looks especially touching, because after a while the singer still managed to achieve national fame and become one of the most successful performers in the country.

“I admire the fact that Klava Koka did not give up, did not give up after such harsh words. She did her best, no matter what. I wish everyone to go to the end to their goal and be happy! ” – said one of the fans.

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