the famous singer hinted at special feelings for Bilan

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Julianna’s life changed dramatically after the birth of her son.

In an exclusive conversation with MUZ-TV, Yulianna Karaulova told how she has changed since the birth of her son, and why she loves Dima Bilan, despite the fact that she is in a relationship with producer Andrei Cherny.

In May 2021, the singer gave birth to a son, Alexander. Her life has changed since then. The young mother complained that she now spends less time sleeping. The first three months were the most difficult period of motherhood, but then Karaulova got used to her new responsibilities.

“It seems to me that with the birth of a child I have more energy. This is nature, ”said Julianne.

At the end of the interview, Karaulova confessed her love for Dima Bilan. Julianna considers the only Eurovision winner from Russia to be a very talented performer. Unfortunately for the ex-soloist of 5sta Family, her cover version of the track “Indivisible” was never released.

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