the famous presenter made fun of Leps fans

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The musician is too confident.

Divorced Gregory Leps gives a concert on March 8. This is evidenced by numerous posters, and in his Instagram, the 59-year-old musician tried to remind about it. Despite the crisis, all tickets are sold – Leps has enough fans.

But the infamous journalist Otar Kushanashvili is not at peace. The host decided to question the artist’s attractiveness and ridicule the name of the concert – “I like women.”

“I looked for a long time to see if there was a question mark. Because any alpha male is not so sure what women like, ”he said on his YouTube channel. “What ?!”.

Well, in order not to trifle, Kushanashvili at the same time and fans added:

“They are beautiful and smart. At the same time, I often went to Gregory Leps’ concerts. And I saw what kind of women like him, ”the journalist said sarcastically and hurried to change the subject.

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