The famous journalist “talked” about where Lorak might be now

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Now in the homeland of Ani Lorak, the actress was blacklisted.

Ani Lorak. Photo: social networks

About singer Ani Lorak nothing has been seen or heard for a long time, the star has taken a position of silence, deleting his accounts on social networks. However, there is a constant movement around her name.

Her name star uprooted in his native Chernivtsi, such a decision was made by the Chernivtsi City Hall.

In addition, Ani Lorak was included in the list of undesirable artists on Ukraine, banning performances in this country. This fact greatly amused the journalist Alena Zhigalova, who is on the air YouTube project S! noticed that Caroline (the singer’s real name) had not been allowed to sing in her home country before, as she had not tried. She recently managed to perform in Odessa, but now all attempts to break through to her homeland have been in vain.

Ani Lorak.
Ani Lorak. Photo: social networks

Zhigalov was also surprised that Svetlana Loboda, who provided assistance to the injured Ukrainians, was on the list. And then something even stranger happened – she was quickly removed from the lists. “We looked at her social networks,” the journalist suspected.

“I’m curious, and if they change their minds about Ani Lorak and find out that she also helps refugees, she’s volunteering somewhere. And knowing her, I am sure that she does not remain indifferent to all the events that are happening. That’s what they will do? Will her star be dragged back and will she be uprooted? ” – Zhigalova was surprised.

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