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The famous director told how he hid the drunk Marat Basharov from shame

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The scandalous actor has been drinking for a long time

In February 2022, it became known that Marata Basharova with shame fired from work. The actor, known for his scandalous antics, once again got into an unpleasant situation. The director of the theater “School of Modern Play”, where he recently served as an artist, put forward the star of the series “The border. Taiga novel » out.

“The artist of our theater Marat Basharov in the current difficult, extremely tense situation behaved disgustingly, as can not and should not behave man, artist, citizen! I, the artistic director of the “School of Modern Play” Iosif Reichelhaus, unequivocally condemn the behavior and manifestations of the artist Basharov and decide that our further joint work is impossible. More Basharov will never appear on the stage of our theater “– wrote in the blog Reichelhaus.

And the other day the director revealed in detail the shameful reasons for the expulsion of the scandalous star. According to Khudruk, shortly before this decision, Marat Alimzhanovich again disrupted the tour due to banal alcoholism.

In February 2022, Marat Basharov was fired from the School of Modern Play. Photo: Global Look

The 47-year-old actor himself pretends that nothing happened. They say that he has nothing to do with this theater, he was a guest star.

Reichelhaus is not at all surprised by this behavior of the actor. “It’s been a day – two before that it started to break out! Marat Basharov practically disrupted our most difficult tours. Not only that, it wasn’t his first act. If I were the first, I would understand. “– the theatrical figure regrets.

According to him, Basharov went into a binge. “He has another strong binge, it happens regularly. I was already hiding, and hiding, and talking to him, but, unfortunately, everything is over. He repeatedly disrupted performances. There was such a situation, we did not release it in such a state, so we had to replace it. “, – Iosif Leonidovich revealed on the air of the show “You will not believe!” on the NTV channel.

However, Basharov did not sit idle for a long time. He found a new warm place in the Gorky Moscow Art Theater. And even promised the lead role. Between those viewers and colleagues fear that because of his disastrous addiction, the actor may end badly.

Main PHOTO: Global Look Press

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