the famous blogger did not keep silent about Kharlamov’s divorce

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Miro believes that the stars parted because of the strangeness of the actress.

In the summer of 2020, Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus announced their divorce. The stars decided not to voice the reason for their separation. The ex-spouses only noted that they maintained friendly relations for the sake of their common daughter Anastasia, in whose upbringing they intend to take an active part.

Meanwhile, Internet users began to wonder what happened between the showman and the actress. The other day a scandalous blogger shared her point of view in this regard Lena Miro. The journalist noted that Asmus’ behavior was to blame for everything. The celebrity recalled how the actress once dedicated posts on social media to hot olivier and coffee mixed with tea. Miro found all this rather strange.

The blogger in a new publication of her LJ noted that Christina, apparently, “can not accept reality.” According to Miro, such strange women “eat the brain with a coal ear”, which then leads to divorce.

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