The famous actress slapped Ivan Urgant

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The actress does not consider Urgant an outstanding presenter. Photo: instagram.com/urgantcom/

Actress Tamara Semina – an emotional woman. The famous artist says what she thinks about. Not so long ago, she reported on Dmitry Nagiyev and Maria Mironova. And the other day Ivan Urgant got it from the star of “Resurrection”.

“I do not like Ivan Urgant. I have known him since childhood: I saw all his first steps and all subsequent ones … Personally, he is a light bulb to me. And there are many like me!”, – quotes Tamara Semina Sobesednik.Ru.

The actress does not consider Urgant an outstanding presenter. Tamara Petrovna did not restrain her emotions.

They crawl into all the cracks, like incompetent cockroaches, – the artist boils. – One-dayers are those who cling to someone, cling to and start their activities. We were friends with Ninochka Urgant. Here she is – an angel, a beautiful person. I was visiting her, she received me well. And Ivan … I will not suffer without Urgant “.

It should be noted that Tamara Semina became famous for her roles in the cult films “Two Fedors”, “Fatherlessness”, “Eternal Call” and many others. For her 83 years, the People’s Artist of Russia looks great. But it has rarely appeared on the screen in recent years. The actress admitted that she lost interest in modern cinema. But most of all she is outraged by the behavior of young artists.

Tamara Semina compared Ivan Urgant to an incompetent cockroach

Tamara Semina compared Ivan Urgant to an incompetent cockroach


Tamara Petrovna is always interested in who she will play with. And when he hears the same painfully famous cast, he refuses. “I do not want to stand close, for example, with Dmitry Nagiyev. Ham, scum and everything else is incompetence. He wears sunglasses, grins, chews something forever, “said the screen star.

Another red rag for the legendary star is Maria Mironova. “Once I saw an interview with Maria Mironova – an actress from the most popular list. She gives interviews in broad daylight in dark glasses. She explains it with fatigue from filming. Is it possible? Would her father be interviewed with glasses, like Basilio’s cat? There is no respect for the audience, for their profession. The worst thing is that these idiots behave like gods on the site, “Semina is angry.

Inherited from Tamara Petrovna and the widow of Vasily Shukshin. As you know, Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina every now and then she becomes the heroine of scandalous talk shows. “It’s hard to see how Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina became obsessed with everyday life – apartments, men, conflicts. Lida has a bourgeois origin, which he described and branded in his works Vasily Makarovich“- sighed the actress.

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