The famous actor Willem Dafoe received a high degree. He is now a doctor of art history

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You’ve probably seen Willem Defoe on TV or in the cinema at least once. “The English Patient”, “Spider-Man”, “Grand Hotel Budapest”, “Murder on the Eastern Express” … And this is by no means a complete list of interesting paintings in which Willem played. But he is not only an artist now he is also a doctor of sciences. True, honorable.

Willem studied at the University of Wisconsin from 1973 to 1974, but never graduated. He had to pay for his studies, which is why Defoe then got two jobs, but soon he became interested in theater and art completely overwhelmed him. He dropped out of university and joined the experimental theater troupe Theater X.

As a result, after almost 50 years at the university, which he never graduated from, the actor was honored: Defoe received an honorary doctorate in art history. Naturally, for this Defoe had to put on a robe and put on a square hat. This is what it looked like.

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