The exhibition “Native Art” opened in Yekaterinburg, organized by the Valery Pustarnakov Foundation for Realistic Art and the Ural Center for Security Systems |

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The Valery Pustarnakov Realistic Art Foundation is a private project that was born out of a great love for art. Valery Fedorovich – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and one of the founders of the Ural Center for Security Systems. In 11 years, his personal collection has grown into a collection of more than 800 paintings, covering the period from the end of the XIX century to the present day. The purpose of the Foundation was originally not only to preserve the heritage of the masters of Russian realistic painting, but also to bring this art closer to the audience.

The foundation is based in St. Petersburg, but has been active since the very beginning. During the years of its existence, he has implemented many projects in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Ufa and other cities in Russia. This is the third large-scale exhibition in Yekaterinburg. It is timed to the 15th anniversary of the Ural Center for Security Systems and is a kind of gift to the city for the anniversary of the company.

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