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The presenter is now in Israel with her son.

“Caution: Sobchak.”

Recently, Ksenia Sobchak, who allegedly went on vacation to Turkey, was spotted at an Israeli airport. The wave of rumors did not have to wait long. Some believe that Sobchak is not going to return to Russia. Others believe that she hurried to save foreign assets, which are now being appropriated with great appetite by European authorities.

Ksenia Anatolyevna herself remains true to her first statement. In response to all speculations, she continues to insist that her homeland is one and she will return very soon, although the prospects for her are not bright:

“The world, which was open and simple yesterday, has become dangerous and incomprehensible today. Especially for us: people who do not have other passports than Russian. And there are no other cards, except for cards of Russian banks, which currently do not work anywhere…
Personally, I am going to return to Russia in the near future and continue to do what is still possible to do, “Sobchak said in a recent issue of her YouTube show. “Caution: Sobchak.”

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