The embarrassed Volochkova was called to drive off the stage: “Stretching is not the same”

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Not all fans appreciated the efforts of the artist.

Anastasia Volochkova shared a video with her training in a personal Telegram channel. Subscribers criticized the celebrity for her physical shape.

In a short video, the ballerina flaunts a streamer and shows the performance of some dance elements. As the artist admits in her signature, she has always been diligent, and she is waiting for all fans at her next concert. However, fans were not delighted with the video. According to them, Volochkova can no longer boast the same form as at the peak of her career, so it’s high time she finished her performances.

“Stretching is no longer the same”, “It is clear that it is difficult! And her breathing is uneven! ”“ It is clear that it is very difficult for her to dance as before, ”Internet users share their opinion.

Also, many fans have suggested that such changes in the state of the artist may be due to her addiction to hot drinks. According to subscribers, celebrities need to overcome addiction to start performing again.

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