The emaciated Marina Khlebnikova first appeared on TV after the fire

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The 56-year-old singer is singing again. She attended a program by Andrei Malakhov.

Marina Khlebnikova. Photo: Global Look Press

Marina Khlebnikova is a famous singer. But a fire broke out in her apartment last year. She was asleep when the flames began to envelop the walls. As a result, the artist is two months old spent in the hospital. She received severe burns.

Not so long ago, Marina returned to work, but assured that she will not give concerts yet. However, she could not refuse Andrei Malakhov and appeared in a new issue of “Hello, Andrew”.

Khlebnikova emphasized the built-up forms, wearing leather pants and a white blouse with ruffles. The singer showed a thin face. She admitted that she has not moved away from what happened and shared her emotions.

“Well, how can a person feel after a fire? The way a person feels after a fire is bad! Honestly, you know, the worst thing was that I didn’t even know it was a fire! I am so grateful that I was saved by the Ministry of Emergency Situations that my mother felt everything.

Marina Khlebnikova. Photo: frame from the show “Hello, Andrew”

We then found where it caught fire. We couldn’t find it for very long. And they could not find. The examination came twice. And only when they tore off the gypsum board, they saw two charred black wires from an old halogen lamp, “said the guest.

She also performed for the audience, performing her hit “Oblique Rains”. At the same time, Marina admitted that she had learned to speak again.

“We always knew you were a singer with a spark,” said other guests.

Marina Khlebnikova. Photo: frame from the show “Hello, Andrew”

During the performance, the singer cried. Now she feels every word.

“Out of the ashes like a phoenix. If people wrote something, they knew more. They have more information about what is happening to me, “she commented on gossip about herself.

“I am raking up my ashes, I have repaired one room. It’s a long time, the weight needs to be swept away, washed. Everything is black, ”she explained what she was doing now.

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