The “Electronics” stars of the Torsuev brothers celebrate their birthdays: how the actors have changed

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On April 22, the most famous boys of the USSR Yuri and Vladimir Torsueva celebrate their birthday – the brothers turned 56 years old. The film “The Adventures of Electronics” was included in the golden fund of Soviet cinema, and “Electronics” and “Syroezhkin” became popular throughout the Union. On this day, we picked up photos from the life of the twins and some facts.

It is known that their birth was a surprise for the Torsuevs’ parents, because no one could have imagined that with a difference of 10 minutes, identical twins Yura and Vova would be born. Here is another interesting fact – the Torsuev brothers became the 386th couple at the casting of “Adventure Electronics”.

In 2011, the famous twins organized the creative association “Syroezhkin’s Garage”, which includes artists, writers, painters and musicians.

See photos of the Torsuev brothers in our photo report.

Photo source: Global Look Press, Youtube.

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