“The dirtiest deal” in Siberia. film about the garbage concession

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28 Mar 2022, 17:32

The construction of waste sorting plants and landfills in the Novosibirsk region has long come to a standstill. The regional government’s agreement with VIS’s subsidiary resulted in 6.5 billion worth of paper being unnecessary. has prepared a film about the “dirtiest deal” in Siberia.

In 2016, the regional government headed by Vladimir Gorodetsky (now a senator) signed a concession agreement with Ecology-Novosibirsk LLC for the construction of waste sorting complexes and landfills in Razdolny and Verkh-Tula. The project worth 6.5 billion rubles was designed for 40 years, the unearned income of the investor must compensate for the regional budget – up to 2 billion rubles a year.

By 2022, construction has not begun. During the 6 years of the garbage concession, the parties managed to change the supposed location of the right-bank landfill several times, and now its construction near the village of Plotnikovo, where there are Red Book animals and plants, is being discussed. There are also three rivers flowing into the Inya.

173465Concessionaires of bridges, garbage and hospitals in Siberia were associated with the leadership of the “EP” has collected everything that is known about the scandalous project. The film is divided into several lines: an environmental activist, a carrier and an MP talk about the issue and try to understand who is to blame, and the stories of loader Timofey, who collects garbage, and Natalia, a resident of the village where Ecology-Novosibirsk and regional authorities want to deliver landfill.

“I became interested in the topic in early 2020. Then I had to shoot a special report on my studies, which did not work out due to the pandemic, but the topic struck me. – said the author of the film Kirill Buketov. “We all live in garbage and no one cares about signing a multibillion-dollar contract.”

The authors also found out that it is water that falls under the influence of landfills. Analyzes showed a violation of all Rosprirodnadzor regulations.

Film by Kirill Buketov, Roman Shurupov and Ilya Gubin

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