The director of “Avengers: Finale” has revealed the main secret of Marvel

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Source: Marvel Studios

Joe Rousseauwho has made many Marvel films, including the final ones The Avengers, shares the secret of the success of the film universe. Of course, it’s all about humor.

Well, Marvel’s secret ingredient is that Kevin Feigi wants to make movies entertaining, and entertainment is usually about humor. Kevin loves to watch movies. He likes to sit on test shows and watch the reaction around. Then he realizes, “Okay, every two minutes the movie makes them happy.” For him, this is a good way to assess how the picture will be received by the audience. So I think humor is very important to him.

Joe Rousseau

By the way, Rousseau may not be aware of the entertainment goals of the head of Marvel Studios, but Faigy complained that the brand of the studio puts its within the framework of genre prejudice.

Earlier, the head of the department for creating visual effects at Marvel told why Feigi does not have time follow all studio projects.

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