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The defense of Amber Heard provided the court with a video in which a drunken Johnny Depp swears and smashes the kitchen

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A lawsuit is pending in Virginia – Johnny Depp has filed a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. The actor categorically rejects Hurd’s accusations of domestic violence and says that the ex-wife wanted to ruin his career in this way.


How writes Insider, April 21, the actress’ lawyers provided a video in which a drunken-looking Depp beats the cupboards in the kitchen, shouts curses and pours himself a large glass of wine.

The actress secretly shot this video in 2016.

“What’s happened?” – Hurd asks her husband, while he kicks the closet, shouts curses (motherfucker, “bastard”) and slams the doors of the closet.

“Nothing happened in the morning, you know that. <...> I just woke up in the morning and you were so nice and kind. We didn’t even quarrel this morning, I just apologized, “says actress Deppu.

“Something happened to YOU ​​this morning,” the actor replied loudly and smashed the dishes with force. – [Поэтому] I do not think so”.

Depp then pours wine into a glass and says, “Do you want to see me crazy? I’ll give you crazy. ” After that, he pays attention to the camera and grabs the phone.

In court, Depp confirmed that he was filmed in the video of the kitchen pogrom, noting that he did not remember why he was upset and that he did not like Hurd’s behavior at the time.


After the video was shown, the actress’ lawyer Ben Rottenborn asked Depp if he really poured himself a “megapint of wine.”

“Megapint? I poured myself a large glass of wine. I thought it necessary, “the actor replied.

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The actor said that at that moment he “lost control” of his emotions. “I don’t know what happens to others, but I’ve had an experience in my life where I’ve sometimes lost complete control of my emotions, and that’s okay,” Depp said.

The actor also stressed that he did not use force against Hurd, but only “attacked a couple of closets.” “I didn’t try to intimidate Miss Hurd,” he added. “If she was intimidated, would she shoot?” If she was scared to death, why didn’t she leave? ”

Depp, in turn, presented a court audio recording where Hurd admits to hitting him. At the same time, in the recording, the actress says that she did not beat him with her fist, but simply “hit” him a little.

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