The daughter trampled on Proklov with only one shameful fact from her biography

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Fans of the actress were surprised.

Elena Proklova’s eldest daughter had a hard time getting along with her husbands, but at the same time she sympathized with them, acknowledging the star’s shortcomings.

“The fate of her men was unenviable. Elena Igorevna was too emotional, even explosive, ”Arina shared.

Proklova, according to her heiress, behaved infantilely and immaturely, demanded the impossible from her lovers, did not hesitate to arrange loud quarrels in front of others and, sobbing, ran away into the night.

“I don’t seem to have behaved like that with boys until I was eighteen,” Arina said.

In a conversation with “A caravan of storiesShe suggested that the actress was only playing a drama, because she usually did not fall in love with herself, but allowed herself to be loved by others. Proklova had an inner core that was too rigid.

Users of the Arina Revelation Network provoked a heated discussion, during which some condemned the actress for her windiness, while others, on the contrary, rebuked her daughter:

“In this interview, she simply trampled on her mother. Whatever Proklov was, this relationship was not worth showing off. You read, and in every line there is dissatisfaction with your life and resentment towards your mother. Too cruel. “

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