The dates of the premiere of the comedy “Egg Faberge” on TNT have become known

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The premiere of the comedy will take place on TNT next Sunday, March 13. Faberge’s Egg.

At the heart of the plot is a story about a group of friends who decide on a daring robbery to make their dream come true.

They plan to steal from the museum of local lore a gift from the oligarch – Egg Faberge in exchange for a fee of three million rubles.

The group of losers draws up a kidnapping plan based on what they see in Hollywood movies. It would seem that everything is calculated to the smallest detail. And the plan should work!

Yuri Stoyanov played one of the roles in the comedy “Faberge’s Egg”. Photo: TNT

Nikolai starred in the comedy “Egg Faberge” NaumovYuri Stoyanov, Maxim Lagashkin, Olga Vinichenko and others.

“To date, so many movies have been made about robberies that they can no longer be watched with a serious face – our heroes, on the contrary, take what they see in the movies for granted, so they start having problems that can not be observed without a smile.

One way or another, “Faberge’s Egg” says that if there is even the slightest chance to make a dream come true, you have to cling to it, “said the film’s creative producer Maxim Parshin.

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