The date of the premiere of the new season of the series “Anna Nikolaevna Project” has become known

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On Monday, April 4, TNT will start showing new series of the second season of folk sci-fi comedy Anna Nikolaevna Project.

Basically plot – a story about an android policeman who was sent to work in one of the police departments.

In the new series, the heroes of the film will move from a small town to Moscow, where they will have to deal with another Anna Nikolaevna, real – the prototype of the same android.

Maria Gorban
Maria Gorban will appear in the new series. Photo: TNT

“Every viewer will find something for themselves in the story,” says the actress Anna Nikolaevna Zoe Berber. – Anna Nikolaevna is a really special character: not just a heroine, but an android!

I was very happy to return to this role, for me it is a dream role! In the new season you will meet Anna Nikolaevna – a man and see the plot twist, which personally surprised me and at the same time pleased! “

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