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the creators of “Sherlock” with Cumberbatch are ready to shoot the fifth season

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But there are two nuances.

The fact that the fifth season of “Sherlock” has not yet been filmed is due to the popularity of the first four. According to Stephen Moffat, it was the series about the sociopath-detective that made Cumberbatch and Freeman big stars, which is why they can’t go back now.

“We are at a low start, ready to start shooting at least tomorrow. We will do it again, but it all depends on Benedict and Martin. They were very loyal to this series, even when it became their lowest paid job, but [пятый сезон] That’s not what they want to do now. “

In a conversation with RadioTimes The British director clarified that the colossal workload of the main stars of “Sherlock” is not the only reason why the BBC is not starting to shoot the fifth season. The death of Una Stubbs, Mrs. Hudson’s series, last year was a blow to the film crew.

“Maybe if we got together again and she didn’t magically show up, we’d all be too sad to put on a show,” Moffat said sadly.

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