The creator of “Otpetyh Fraudsters” saw in the tragedy traces of “pig deeds” of former friends

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Evgeny Orlov is not only one of the producers-pillars of Russian show business, in the baggage of which a whole galaxy of star names and projects (Mr. Small, duo Smash !, groups “Guests from the Future” and “Cream”, TV competitions, shows and festivals “,” Star Factory “,” Voice “,” New Wave “, children’s creative movement” Republic of Kiss “, which came out including Lucy Chebotina and Vanya Dmitrienko – all his students), but also a man who accepts and considers his wards of friends and relatives, does not refuse help and participation in their destiny, even if life paths sometimes diverge for one reason or another.

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Orlov and Zinurov met three days before the musician’s fatal death. Plans were discussed at dinner, Eugene tried to encourage Vyacheslav, saw his depressed state, but could not predict a terrible outcome. This is never possible to imagine. Now – a shock. Unspeakable pain. Memories. Trying to understand the reasons, motives. Despite the heavy thoughts and condition, Mr. Orlov considered it necessary for the memory of a friend to tell “MK” about their last meeting, to share his opinion on how and why the irreparable happened. The leading questions from the conversation are removed for the sake of the integrity of the emotional narrative, which in itself answers if not all, then many questions…

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– Ten years ago, they (“Singing Scammers”) offered me a break from each other, which, of course, outraged me. The “initiative” came from Sergei Amoralov, he was always a smart guy and became a kind of leader in the group. And I sent them simply because I had something to do. And for them, “Singing Scammers” was the only income. I think, okay. And allowed the guys to use songs and tour…

Worried? Humanly, of course, it was not very pleasant. To make it clear, we communicated for eternity, first of all with Glory (Tom Chaos). We met 38 years ago, and that meeting decided a lot. It was in the pioneer camp near Peter, he was 12, I was 16, I played in the school ensemble “Syncope”, which came to this camp. And Slava was resting there with the whole family. In the same summer, his father passed away, the following year – his mother, they had five children, he is the second oldest after his sister Lena. Glory was, of course, the pride of the family and its breadwinner. This question has always been important to him, and it was he who derailed him.

Last year, “Singing Scammers” broke up completely, because Slava realized that Amoralov all these years banally deceived him, and very harshly. Conditionally: out of 500,000 rubles for a performance, he got 80, although there were only two of them in the team, Garik Bogomazov Amoralov survived the group a long time ago. They didn’t have much to contribute to the band, I invested when I worked with them – songs, music videos, phonograms, everything else. Since then, they have only been working on this material. But Amoralov got into trouble, quickly designed everything for himself, rewrote – and the title, and the rights to the material, the clips, the songs, everything. And when they finally broke up, and Slava and Garik tried to work with the poster “Ex-Singing Scammers”, he began to ban performances, use the name and songs. And this is their life, they dedicated it all to the team, not without their participation, all these songs and clips were born.

Amoralov called the organizers, saying that they had no right to speak, they sued him, but the court is a long story, at least two years. And you need to eat now. All this glory is very much derailed. He could not accept this story. I wondered: how is that so? This is him, Slava, he once showed me all of them – Amoralov, Garik 26 years ago. He came up with the name. He was, in fact, the only one there about music. Garik and Amoralov are not musicians, they do not know what “tu-tu” is – neither notes nor scales. At the same time, Sergei (Amoralov) continues to tour with backing tracks, which recorded the voices of both Garik and Tom Chaos, takes all the money, and forbids them.

Terrible, of course, injustice, incredible bullshit. To make it clear: we wrote the song “Love Me Love” with Sasha Kozlov, a keyboardist from “Agatha Christie”, five years before the appearance of “Singing Scammers”. And now it suddenly turns out that the “co-author” is Amoralov and, moreover, all the years he receives money for it. And the song is recognized as the most performed of all modern hits. She is in 18 movies, TV series, she has been sung in covers by many stars, she was a hit in Mongolia, UK… This is a unique case. But one person receives dividends for it…

When the band was formed, there were four full members under the contract – Amoralov, Slava Tom Chaos, Garik and I, and without the consent of all four, for example, he (Amoralov) could not do anything. But people, the same organizers at the venues, are not inclined to understand deeply, they see from him a piece of paper that everything belongs to him, and are afraid to take “suspicious renegades” to concerts.

Slava and I were going to have lunch together on March 7, he looked very depressed. I say, “Well, where’s your enthusiasm?” He blamed himself for doing the same thing to me 10 years ago. I say: “I forgave you a long time ago, right away, so don’t even worry, stop digging.” He says, “Goddess is punishing me, I have no family or children.” “You have no family, no children, because you have dedicated your whole life to this team,” I say.

I had one request from him, because we talked regularly, to reconcile with Garik, because they treated him like pigs. He did it, which I was very happy about. And he and Garik began to make some plans again. They came to me at the rehearsal base. I shared my vision of how to further develop, make a tribute, etc. Hit them found a new, cool. Already made a backing track, tried on in the studio. It was all about the fact that some new wave was about to begin. I encouraged them, I say: now with Amoralov somehow shake. He hired lawyers, and Garik’s wife found a good lawyer.

We got in touch with Sergei, wanted to somehow settle everything peacefully, but he ran all the time – and from us, and from the cameras, did not answer calls. I told through common acquaintances that he, they say, does not need anything from us, he is all right. In March, the guys were scheduled for three concerts, a very big help for them and Garik, and Amoralov blocked everything for them, put his hand to prevent these concerts from happening.

Slava was very worried, but I can’t say that this last meeting of ours somehow alarmed me. I saw that he was depressed, trying to cheer him up. I say: “Come on, Slavka, let’s eat deliciously.” We sat in this “Varenichnaya №1″ for two hours. When we said goodbye, I told him again: “I don’t know you, where is your enthusiasm? Let’s take matters into our own hands. We have finally started work, everything will be fine. ” He has always been a lighter, even before “Singing Scammers” we traveled the world, he hosted programs for me, we did different shows with him, 15 cruises in Europe! We have a great history of creative friendship with him – 38 years!

I tell him, “I’m with you.” Of course, I was not very interested in it, but nevertheless I decided to help them so that justice would at least somehow prevail. They are really legends. We recently met at a rehearsal and watched: whatever the song, it’s a folk hit. It is not even clear what was removed from the program. Slava also showed me new songs that he composed. I didn’t want to upset him, but they didn’t seem relevant to me, and in general, a more or less stable creative process was already beginning.

So when I found out about this tragedy, of course I was covered. Catastrophe! It is possible that not only the internal problems of the team played a role, but also this whole global situation, which everyone faced, aggravated the depression, the feeling of hopelessness when plans and prospects collapse. In principle, Slava was never interested in politics, despite the fact that they were loved by the people, the government and the bandits. Private planes were sent after them, they on these yachts at one time with all the ex-presidents of the CIS countries lit, and fished, and did different things. They, like little children who grow up in universal love, are used to it. And when everything disappeared, they were lost…

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He was a very bright boy. What happened is incredible and scary. How to feel, how to inflate yourself with such thoughts! He recently found a realtor to help Slavka sell his house, which is hell, he sat there alone in this oblivion. I say: “We are exchanging at least a small apartment in Moscow, you will at least be among the people, in a party, on the move. I’ll give you a studio, sit down, write music there, you’ll be there, we’ll do something. ” He also had his own dance school, DJ school, he taught children. A very talented guy, always grabbed everything with pleasure, lit up. Really like a child. Big baby…

Only now did I realize when I read the obituary that he was 50 years old. And for me, he is still the fifteen-year-old man I remember. There is no pathos for all these years, no pompous majesty… It is inconceivable that you can lose all hope for the future and decide on a terrible step! It is impossible to reconcile, accept, understand…

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Relatives said goodbye to Tom Chaos from "Singing scammers": footage of grief

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