The corpse of a chansonnier-singer was found lying in Moscow for several days: News: People

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The body of 60-year-old chansonnier singer Anna Zhukova was found in her apartment in Moscow. He writes about this KP.RU.

The corpse was found by the artist’s son. It is known that in recent years the woman lived alone. According to preliminary data, she died of acute cardiovascular failure. According to forensic experts, the body lay for several days.

Police are currently investigating the singer’s death. It is clarified that the order of things in the house was not violated. Investigators believe the woman died of natural causes.

During Zhukov’s life she was the author and performer of songs in the genre of Russian chanson, urban romance, lyrical short story. She has also recorded two solo albums of the author’s song.

Earlier in Moscow, the corpse of a famous professor was found lying for about a week.

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